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Start your Fur-Baby off on the Right Paw!


Your  First Few Weeks 

with your Pup are critical!

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Training Special

Enjoy 25% off your first puppy training session!

Our Training Consultations & Evaluations are Always Free!!

Only "Pawsitive" Leadership Training Methods &

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

We believe in the personal touch! Our courses are not "Cookie Cutter" courses, rather we respect your time & build on your current puppy knowledge.  Because our class sizes are small, you will achieve in two sessions what others teach you in six sessions.  Allow us the pleasure of teaching you and your new fur-baby how to be an added value to your family. 

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Your puppy has just left his mother and siblings so will be experiencing puppy trauma. It is critical to know how to care, nurture and properly introduce him to his new home. It is nice to know how to emotionally & physically handle your pup so you are pro-active rather than re-active during this influential time.

Our private home visits will teach you how

to start your puppy off right and avoid future problem behaviors.

After taking your puppy to the Vet you will learn that you cannot take your puppy anywhere until he has had all his vaccination shots. You will learn how to develop & facilitate his social skills so he is ready to meet the world he will have all the tools needed to meet with his new friends.  You will be amazed of how easy it is to train your pup and give him the proper handling and guidance to set him up for success. 

Beware, when you might be advised not to train your pup later than this time. So many trainers will not start training a puppy until he is 6 months old, WizeDogs will have your Puppy completely trained by 6 months old!!!

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We Come to You!!

Recommend Puppy Training Programs

Puppy Pre-School

8 - 12 Weeks Old


Puppy Handling

Potty Training

Crate Training


Leave or Drop It


12 - 16 Weeks Old

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Recall (Come)


Leave it!


Socializing 101

Elementary School

16 - 24 Weeks Old

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Walking on Leash (heel) 

Door Dashing

Distraction Training


Any Age


Any Stage

Mix & match your program to your desired goals.

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