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 Leadership  Training

We believe in the five “C”s of Confidence, Calmness, Consistency, Communication and Concentration with both the dogs & their owners. Our core belief is that no living person or animal benefits by learning from a "fear based" reality. We do not utilize ANY shock, choke or Prong collars in our training. Yes, establishing a leadership hierarchy is important but we prefer teaching you how to have a mutually healthy & respectful relationship. 


Dogs love to please their owners and also like to have a job, we teach them to love their job!    

Board & Train


Our beloved pets are all unique and have different personalities. For that reason, a variety of "Pawsitive Leadership" training styles are implemented capitalizing on their strengths and together we build a sound foundation. It is our pleasure (truly) to see each "Aw-Ha!" moment of you & your dog's transformation. Our techniques are all humane and each dog is progressed at their own pace.  It is proven that WizeDogs "Pawsitive" methods have lifelong results.  We cannot hear it enough of what a therapeutic experience owners have while in training with their new well-mannered dog.

Training both pets and their parents is personal, it is at this juncture WizeDogs listens carefully! 

With over 20 years of combined experience we have a vested interest in meeting your goals and care deeply about the connections we foster with our fur-friends and clients. Together, we can then personalize a program that benefits you in reaching your dog's full potential.

Get a New Leash on Life!!

Private Lessons

We tap into your inner trainer!


Giving you fundamental K-9 education and teaching you the proper mechanics will establish you as your dog’s leader.  We will teach you how to effectively communicate using consistent techniques which makes them receptive to your guidance and will build a trusting relationship. Our training methods are fun for you both, ask us how!

Board & Train

Let us doing the heavy lifting for you!

Your pup with receive 3 sessions per day and be in a loving home environment. Providing your dog with essential socialization skills with other people and animals has an unmeasurable advantage for your dog's success. When we reunite you then you become the student & learn everything  to maintain your new dog's behavior.

Group Lessons

Be a head of the pack!


Once you have the fundamentals down and complete control of your dog it is time to put it to the test in a safe group environment. Learning distraction training, how to handle greeting other dogs and people makes for a polite companion and a happy well socialized friend.

Advanced Training

"Unleash" Your Dog's Full Potential!

For many, enjoying a "Off-Leash" pet on hikes, fishing and other activities to enjoy and share experiences with is why the sought out a pet in the 1st place.

Science has confirmed that both therapy & service dogs have such a positive effect with those in need and the research is undeniable.

Taking your dog to the next level gives us such joy knowing you have what you need to have a better life.

It is never too early to start training your puppy; it is a misconception that you should start them at 6 months. At 6 months the dog is almost 4 years old in human years – would you wait to teach your child until then?  This early stage of development will shape your dog’s behavior for life. The bond you will build with a well-trained puppy will benefit the relations with all your family members and you will be glad you did it!

Depending on your goals, life-style, dogs breed, age, & your dog handling experience will determine the best training package for you to achieve your goals.

Let's Get Started!

Why WizeDogs!

If you truly want a positive training program we suggest you shop around.  At WizeDogs we pride ourselves on not using any Shock, E-Collars, Prong or Choke chains.  WizeDogs true testament of a well-trained dog is one that does not require a painful device and as humanitarians, we discourage the use of such devices.


These are now commonly referred to as "Training Collars" or

"Educator E-Collars" - Yiks!

House Unanimously Approves Bill to Make Animal Cruelty a Federal Offense

The FDA Says:  Shock or E-Collars present a substantial and unreasonable risk of illness, create negative behavioral issues & risk of irreversible injury.

Help Us Ban Shock Collars,

E-Collars, Choke Chains and Prong Collars!!!!

  • Negative behaviors include aggression!

  • Burns & Other Tissue Damage

  • Psychosis

  • Brain Damage

  • Depression & PTSD

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