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About Us

We are students of dog behavior, our methods and

techniques have evolved over decades of teachings

& practical field experience. We have had the

pleasure of working under many worlds acclaimed Canine

and Equine Trainers.  With this in mind, we remain open to various styles of training techniques and update our knowledge on an ongoing basis. We only believe in “Pawsitive” dog obedience training, this provides a happy experience and dogs are then eager to learn.


We back our "Pawsitive" leadership  training with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!!


Dog Training arizona
Dog Training arizona

No two dogs are alike and it our job to discover what makes them “tick”. Once we find out what motivates a dog we will capitalize on their strengths to help build their weaknesses always keeping in mind to set them up for success! We believe in the five “C”s of Confidence, Calmness, Consistency, Communication and Concentration with both the dogs that we train and also working with their owners. Establishing hierarchy & having sound training mechanics are critical; by having a calm and confident approach it imparts calmness to the dog and allows him to focus on the task at hand. 

At WizeDogs our beloved pets force us to live in the world of “presence” and slow it down a notch. Animals give us that gift of truly living in the “now” and a good trainer progresses the dog at his own pace. This presence is a gift that animals give to us and it is proven that because of this people gain a therapeutic experience when they have a well-trained dog. It is our pleasure (truly) to see each “Aw-Ha” moment of the dog’s transformation and we measure success by aiding in building your relationship with your dog to a respectful, well-behaved and loving life-long partnership!

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Dog Training Phoenix Arizona

A very special "Shout Out" to our beautiful dogs which are so instrumental in our training program. Your pups get to shadow their behavior until they are ready to go it alone!

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