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Who Says You Can't Buy Love?

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Dogs give us Unconditional Love and shape our lives forever; we are eternally grateful for what our dogs have done for us in so many ways and want to share that kind devotion to you. Our Master Labrador Breeder has been working with her amazing lines for 25 years. The ultimate of care goes into each litter. We believe the breed to be the most versatile of the breeds making them excellent family dogs, hunting, working, rescue, needed industry Service Dogs, and our pups have fulfilled so many of these roles. So if you are looking for the ultimate pet or a service dog, check out our AKC Purebred Labrador Retrievers. 



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Our Philosophy On Dog Training in Surprise AZ

At WizeDogs, we embrace only positive leadership training methods. We believe that no animal deserves to feel discomfort or pain. People or animals learning from a “Fear-Based” reality are not necessarily enjoying the training process and our positive methods have lifelong results.

Our puppy training near you in Surprise AZ provides a pleasurable experience for both your family and your pet. We have so much fun training and feel grateful watching relationships flourish. Our priority is the safety, well-being, and happiness of your pet. Our focus is to provide your pet with a “pawsitive” healthy and comfortable experience each time we care & train them.. we guarantee it!!!

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Best Dog Ever!!

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When this breeder says family she means it! We got our first lab from WizeDogs in 2002 and have never had a better river running buddy, bird dog, and family pet. I just received my 3rd pup from them and am so in love with him. You won’t find better dogs or a better breeder.   Rory S

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